Raja Sapta Oktohari Appointed as ACC's Senior Vice President - Indonesia Olympic Commitee

Raja Sapta Oktohari Appointed as ACC's Senior Vice President

NOC Indonesia News Update   23 Mar 2021

The Indonesian Olympic Committee President, Raja Sapta Oktohari, is appointed as Senior Vice President of the Asian Cycling Confederation during 2021 ACC Congress in Dubai on Monday.

It's the congress to elect ACC president for the next four years and incumbent Osama Alshagar won the election over rival Amarjeet Singh of Malaysia in the coin toss.

Okto said it's a sign of trust to Indonesia and acknowledgement of the Indonesian cycling existence.
"Indonesia is given a great trust in the ACC Congress and it shows an acknowledgement to the Indonesian cycling existence. We need to keep the trust," he said after the congress.

The senior vice president is a new role created in the ACC Constutiton, and Okto is charged with executive responsibilities to bring a new era of professionalism and organizational capabilities to the ACC.

Amongst his immediate tasks are to propose a new mission and vision for ACC over the next four years, which take into account the excellent manifestos from both candidates of the recently concluded ACC Presidential Elections.

These include a rebranding exercise to portray a modern, relevant and engaged organization that will bring awareness of our cycling sport, which includes many disciplines such as BMX Freestyle, BMX Racing, Indoor Cycling, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling and Track Cycling.

Solidarity amongst the ACC's 44 member National Federations is also a key area where Okto will develop a road map and strategy to leverage off resources and expertise from the UCI, Asian Cycling Superpowers such as China, Japan, Kazakhstan and South Korea and of course, the growing emergence of world-class facilities in the Middle East countries.

"It's huge responsibilities, but it's all for the glory of Indonesian sports. By taking a more active role in the continental and international federation, we open a path to be the winning nation," Okto said.

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